Shorthand for WindowsTM
Counterfeit License Warning

It has come to our attention that counterfeit (pirated) Shorthand licenses are being sold or circulating around the Internet.

What Are The Risks Of Using Counterfeit Licenses?

Shorthand uses the license number to encrypt certain data so counterfeit licenses can corrupt your Shorthand data and may cause Shorthand to stop working without warning. Since Shorthand records your license in every word list you create, using counterfeit licenses can corrupt your word lists.

How Can I Tell If I Have a Valid License?

Valid Shorthand Licenses have a unique User ID that consists of your name (or company name) followed by a 3 digit number and the date the license was issued.
For example, if you received the license on December 21, 2016 your USER ID should look something like:

    Jane Smith 123.2016.12.21

If your USER ID does not contain your name and the date of purchase, you probably have a counterfeit license. If in doubt, contact OfficeSoft to verify your license. Only OfficeSoft LLC and authorized Shorthand Resellers can sell Shorthand licenses. Resellers are established businesses and not individuals. If you receive an email from a person (usually from outside the USA) trying to sell you a license at a very low price, he/she is most probably not authorized to do so. To check if a business is an authorized Shorthand Reseller, please email us a message.

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